Miss Sugar

taking long romantic walks, to your daddy's bank...

The other day R. was upset that I hadn’t used his credit card information to do any online shopping in a while.

So I told him that I prefer shopping in stores where I can see everything in true colour and texture, try things on to get a feel for how they fit, and I can avoid any return hassles.

He is a very generous man, and not what you think of when you first hear the word “Client”. He decided that he wanted to order me my own credit card. I already have my own, which he knows about, but the idea for him is for me to use the one from him so he feels like he’s “saving” me etc. Plus, then I have no excuse for not buying new lingerie for him…men!

Anyway, the point of this post is to remind you that if an SD or Client etc, arranges for you to have a credit card from them…make sure it is attached to their banking information, not yours.

Even though the card will be in my name, to use for whatever I’d like, the important thing is that he is the one responsible for the actual bill that accumulates.

Trust me, you do not want to rack up money on a shopping spree and later on he decides not pay to the bill. Or worse, you go shopping only to find it was never his intention to pay it. If it is attached to your account information, you will be left paying that so called shopping spree off on your own!

Of course I played coy and clueless as to how the credit card would work, but I needed to know for sure how it was going to be taken care of, or I would definitely have said “no thank you”.

Think about this before you jump at the offer of an SD/Client’s supplied credit card, unless its a pre-paid card…then jump away!